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        • Product: TCI Rock Reamer with Replaceable Cutters
        • Model: RR-001
        • Shelf time: 2015-12-04
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        TCI Rock Reamer with Replaceable Cutters 

        The rock reamer mainly used for heavy drill rigs in large diameter trenchless pipe laying constructions, suitable drill in various hardness formation.
        Size: 450mm~2200mm available
        Application: TCI Type used for formation hardness above 30Mpa, various rock drilling; Mill Tooth Type used for formation hardness lower than 40Mpa bedrock drilling
        1. It use larger inserts with better rock breaking; larger bearing with better impact resistance; metal bearing with much longer working life more than 200 hours
        2. The body choose good weldability alloy, after heat treatment with high tensile strength, could well meet the heavy tons trenchless rigs drilling
        3. Reliable connection for the cutter and body, easy install and take apart--a artificial wrench will be ok, easy to change the cutters
        4. The body can use repeat time and time, it can install different size cutters, normally one body can use 3 different size cutters, which will big reduce the drilling cost
        5. Can install 3 different sizes cones, each size difference is 50mm
        6. Multiple type inserts for different formations which ensure high working efficient and longer life.