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        • Product: HDD Hole Opener
        • Model: R-001
        • Shelf time: 2015-11-28
        • Views : 139

        Size Available: 200--1800mm
        Roller Cone: IADC537, 637 for different formations
        Huanyu Hole Opener Advantage:
        1. Good for drilling a straighter holes: drilling a smaller hole with a small pilot bit first, then set it onto the bottom of the hole opener, the hole opener will follow the path of the hole drilled by the pilot bit
        2. Less cost by replacing cutters: the cutters can be easily replaced, the cost to replace a cutter is much cheaper than replace a tricone bit
        3. Lower cost than a large size tricone bits: larger diameter tricone bits not only very expensive, they are also difficult to find. To use a hole opener cost much lower and easy to make
        4. Flexability: hole opener can be make in any size, any type (TCI & Steel Tooth) to drill in any formations